Because of an different Memory Usage of the WM2003SE ROM, thes ROMs could only be flashed via EXE. OSImagetool used for writing this file to SD-Card reports an incorrect Filesize. If you have installed a T-Mobile ROM that prohibits upgrading via EXE-File (you get an error in the DOS-Box) you have to downgrade your phone to 3.17.03 via SD-Card and then use the WM2003SE ROM....


Additonal to the ROMkitchen I created a site, mirroring some helpful tools and Documentations from the Developers for using and/or modifing the device. You can find these tools at


There are some people that are very helpful for me to create this kitchen and keep it up.
Therefore I created a special site, where they are all listed....
You can see the list here.


Information what have been changed in the kitchen could be viewed here.


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